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Meet Our Team


David Pfortmuller
President, Richmond Raven's Female Hockey

"Now What Facilitation were fabulous to deal with and tailored a program specific to our needs.  They took the problem from beginning to end.  I would recommend Now What Facilitation to any group."

Teresa Vozza
MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

"I have had the privilege of attending several family meetings that Nadia has facilitated.  I am always impressed by the level of care, concern and professionalism that Nadia consistently brings to every meeting, regardless of the climate in the room.  She has a genuine interest in making sure that everyone in the meeting feels comfortable, heard and respected.  For these reasons, it is with great pleasure that I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia to any organization, business or family to facilitate their meeting to ensure that they achieve the desired outcome."

Rosalie (Roz) Walls
M.S.W., R.S.W

"I had the pleasure of working with Sukhi Sidhu for many years. In my role as Facilitator of Richmond Supporting Families Impacted by Parental Mental Health I worked with many  parents whose mental illness lead to parenting concerns. Sukhi would  facilitate meetings aimed at finding the best possible outcome for all family members which  involved balancing the needs of a child with the parents capabilities  and ability to parent resulting from their illness.

On many occasions her thoughtful facilitation of complex situations resulted in differences being worked through and compromises reached that honoured all family members. I was reminded in these meeting about why having an outside facilitator who understands complex issues and concerns can achieve positive outcomes for families and community professionals. Sukhi's understanding of mental health, addictions, family dynamics and the complex nature of government or family systems was an asset, her ability to be an impartial facilitator provided a space where creative solutions took place  and issues were  worked out in a collaborative way.  

Sukhi in facilitating these meetings was always respectful of all family members honouring their voice and the need for outcomes to belong to them while also  thoughtful in what options may be possible."

Emilia Obedkoff
Head Coach, Richmond Kigoo's Swim Club

"I have had the privilege to attend 2 Conflict Management Workshops put on by Now What Facilitation.  These workshops have been beneficial to both myself and my staff.  The workshops provided us with step by step instruction for having difficult conversations.  They provided our staff members with opportunities to create unity and have team bonding.  I am sure we will use these strategies for years to come."

Sue Graf
Director of Children's Services and Quality Assurance at the Richmond Society for Community Living

"I have participated in meetings where Nadia Kyba was the facilitator. These meetings had the potential to be contentious, given the circumstances of the family situation. I was always confident when challenges arose that Nadia would guide the group back on track in a respectful way, which she did.  Nadia was skilled at interpreting and recording what was being shared, maintained neutrality, kept within the allotted meeting time and was always professional. I do not hesitate in recommending Nadia for your facilitation needs."