Conflict Management for Team Building Workshops

This season… Work hard. have fun. no Drama.

We are helping teams and coaches kick-off the season with a fun and proactive team building workshop. Our workshops give teams an open and comfortable environment to get to know each other better and build trust while developing a clear understanding on how to communicate and manage conflict - WHEN it occurs!


We offer three different Conflict Management for Team Building Workshops to fit your needs. Each workshops is outcome-focused and team members will:

  • Understand the difference between disagreement and conflict in the context of groups

  • Learn to identify and manage conflict

  • Learn effective communication skills

  • Develop alignment on team goals and guidelines 


A trained facilitator will guide the team through a series of exercises during the workshop. 


For teams who have limited time and wish to have an overview of conflict dynamics, learn the basics of effective communication and the principals of team building. Teams will come away knowing each other better and will have been introduced to the skills necessary to manage conflict when it arises.

Time Frame: Two Hours

Pricing: $400/team


For teams who wish to have a more comprehensive look at the dynamics of team formation, communication and conflict management. Participants will identify their conflict style and understand how it relates to the styles of their teammates. There will be a focus on skill development and participants will come away confident in their ability to work together to achieve optimal results. They will anticipate roadblocks and have the skills to mitigate them.

Time Frame: Three hours

Pricing: $500/team


For a more comprehensive experience we offer full day Leadership Workshops. Strong teams have effective leaders. An investment in these individuals will mitigate conflict, provide mentorship, increase retention and develop strong, winning teams. This workshop covers the principals of leadership and theories behind team building including identification of conflict styles and associated behaviours, group dynamics and effective communication. Leaders will learn and practice skills to assist in effectively working with different personalities, cultures and ages to develop team cohesion.

Time Frame: Five hours

Pricing: $700/team



Most teams find it easiest to schedule a workshop during an already scheduled practice time, ensuring everyone has the time blocked off. Contact us for a time and date that work for your group. We have evening and weekend workshops available through the Fall.


You travel enough during the season. The good news is that our workshops can come to you. Your gym, a classroom, community centre. Let us know what works and we will make it happen.



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Payment Methods: E-mail money transfer or cheque due 1 week prior to workshop.
Cancellation Policy: Cancel one-week prior to workshop for full money back. .