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Build the best team possible with outstanding conflict management skills.

You may be a business, a sports club or a family. Regardless of the type of team you are we believe in you. We are here to support you to meet your goals through leadership and team-building training. By learning as a team how to communicate effectively and navigate conflict you will build trust and increase retention while saving time and money - leaving the stress behind. 


We are experts in team building through conflict resolution & management.



Conflict occurs naturally on any team.


Unmanaged conflict can hurt organizations in direct cost, damage to reputation, and impact performance.

NOW What

Conflict management skills are easy to learn, and with practice, can transform the functionality and cohesion of a team. 


COMING November 12th TO BARNES & NOBLE, AMAZON, INdigo Chapters & AERIO



A Coach’s Guide to Transforming Conflict into a High Performing Team

Who knew the way to the championship was moving through conflict?

Working in the field of alternate dispute resolution in the child-welfare system for 22 years, I’ve developed tried-and-tested techniques and unique methods of conflict management that can be effectively applied in coach-athlete-parent-trainer dynamics in all individual and team sports.

In This Is How We Roll, I bring you easy-to-understand social work concepts and tools that you can apply now to transform conflict on your team.

Learn how to create a unique team brand that will set you apart at every practice, game and tournament. Both on and off the court, ice or field, witness your team transform through the conflict resolution method of champions!


We’ve made a difference.

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Our areas of expertise.

Our approach is personal, comprehensive and strategic to guarantee the best results.


Learn to manage conflict like a pro.

Whether you’re looking to book a consultation, learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, please reach out. We are here to support you.