Does your team have a superfan?

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Does your team have a superfan?

It should!

Our entire nation has been captivated over the past few weeks as the Toronto Raptors have made history as the first Canadian basketball team to make the NBA playoff finals. Raptors’ fans can’t imagine a game without the familiar face of superfan, Nav Bhatia who’s been with them from day-one, cheering his heart out at courtside.

What’s a superfan?

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How does the superfan help?

Superfans have an enormous impact on a team’s energy, spirit and cohesion. Standing strong in good times and bad, superfans don’t just root for the starters, they love the team in its entirety. They cheer just as loudly for the superstars as for the last player in the game. This is infectious and builds team culture around values such as inclusion, positivity and fun.

What isn’t a superfan?

You’ve likely seen onlookers who criticize players, are belligerent with officials and beak off at the opposing team. These less-than-superfans come in all shapes and sizes and can be disguised as parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles—all disguised as spectators.  You don’t need these guys. They cause divisiveness, negativity and poor role modeling. They are a distraction for the athletes and coaches. They’ll give your team a reputation that nobody is proud of. If you have one of these less-than-superfans showing up at your events, a tricky conversation may be in order (see 4 simple steps that can resolve most any conflict.)

Wondering how your team can get your own superfan?

During your next practice, look over at the door. Who is lingering, waiting to catch a last glimpse of a practice scrimmage? Who never misses a game even when it’s raining? Who knows the name of each player on your team, even the ones they aren’t related too? Is it a 10 year-old sibling? Maybe a committed grandparent? They’re your people. Ask them if they would consider taking on the important role of superfan and see where they go with it. Likely creative ideas surface: funky team apparel, funny cheers--finish your dinner wildcats!--and cowbells… always cowbells! Without a doubt once you have a superfan, your entire fanbase will grow. The thing with superfans is… they are infectious! The joy of watching your team will spread like wildfire. Before you know it, you may even have a mascot and half your school showing up at your next game.

Thank you, Nav and to all of the other superfans out there inspiring us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!

Next season:

✅ Coach

✅ Captain

✅ Manager

✅ Superfan

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