My life as a sports parent


I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm a Sports Mom. I have 3 post-secondary degrees, travelled extensively and a professional career that spans 25 years but the life experience that’s had biggest impact on my personal growth has been my other career as a Sports Mom. 
My journey began about 15 years ago when my eldest hit the soccer pitch. Without seeing it coming, my life changed that day. 
I met a lot of new people, became a full-time chauffeur and had to develop a calendar system that rivals the NBA. 
What came of it has been lifelong friendships with other sports families, having profound conversations with my daughters during long car rides and getting to  know and love communities I might never have explored (that’s you, Surrey!) 
Perhaps the biggest impact has been the pride that takes over my every cell when I watch my daughters play out the lessons that sports have taught them; work hard, compete with grace, respect rule and authority, advocate for yourself, be confident, love your body, be disciplined – the list could go on forever. If you win, say little; if you lose, say less. 
Organized sport has given our family so much. My eldest is at University now, playing inter-mural volleyball (which I am not allowed to watch!) and studying kinesiology. I still have one more at home. Just three more years with her and then I wait. For the day I am a Sports Grandma.

Nadia KybaComment