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About Now What.

Don't let unmanaged conflict affect your team - START TODAY.


If you are like most of our customers, you are already a committed, passionate person. You give an enormous amount of your heart to your team. We have seen conflict paralyze teams costing them time, money and most importantly relationships. This is when a little short-term outside guidance makes all the difference. We believe that your team should fulfill and inspire you, not cause you stress. Our goal is to ensure your team is well-equipped with the skills necessary to handle conflict consciously and effectively when it comes up.

Our team of facilitators have extensive expertise and experience in the field of conflict management, instructional practice and meeting facilitation.

Working in the field of conflict management for over 20 years, our involvement spans the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our clients include sports associations (coaches, administrators, volunteers, and team members), educators, lawyers, health professionals, psychologists, social workers, families and more.

Using group workshops, strategic planning, team interventions, individual coaching and policy review - we will help you and your team overcome the unique obstacles that distract you. Our services support growth, productivity, and retention.

There is nothing complicated about it. Great teams become great by knowing how to manage conflict. Without exception.